HI, I'M LEN...

Len, Sports Massage Therapist



I’ve been a Sports Massage Therapist for 7 years, working with both sports related and general massage clients.  I obtained my Sports Massage qualification through Premier Training in Trowbridge back in June 2011.  I completed my Personal Training course in the same year, also through Premier Training but at Bournemouth.  Premier Training is the most widely recognized PT Certification in the UK by Personal Trainers and Employers, and highly regarded in the Sports Massage industry, so the training I received was of the highest standard.

I have since undertaken further Massage/Fitness courses to increase my knowledge and expertise and enhance the service that I can offer my clients. Whilst working with AFC Bournemouth’s Academy for 2 Seasons, I undertook training on Sports Injuries, Rehabilitation and Treatments from the Academy Physiotherapist. 
I have been providing pitch side Therapy to Swanage and Wareham Rugby Club for the past 7 Seasons.  I have provided Pre and Post event massage at Bournemouth Triathlon and a number of local football tournaments.


  • Premier Training – Level 3 & 4 in Sports Massage Therapy

  • Premier Training – Level 2 in Gym Instruction

  • Premier Training – Level 3 in Advanced Personal Training

  • Premier Training – Certificate in Advanced Nutrition for Weight Loss

  • Premier Training – Certificate in Spinning Instruction

  • Premier Training – Certificate in Kettlebell Instruction

  • Premier Training – First Aid

  • Physique Management – Certificate in Athletic Taping, Strapping and Kinesiology


Helping people is my passion, so I decided to attain the skills to support rehabilitation, recuperation and also optimize an individual’s ability to achieve results, which is why I qualified in Sports Massage and Personal Training.   

I have a friendly, honest approach and a genuine interest in improving my clients.  From my experience, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not effective, so each client will receive a personal assessment and a tailored treatment/training plan for their individual needs.

I have a treatment room based in central Bournemouth or I am able to provide home visits in the comfort and convenience of your home.    I am also available for evenings and weekend bookings, so I can fit in around most working 9-5 work schedules.

I have worked with clients of all ages and demographics over the years, covering an extensive range of injuries and conditions, from sports injuries to ‘wear and tear’ from general life or work-related tension.


  • Relieves muscle soreness and helps speed up muscle recovery by flushing out toxins and waste products such as Lactic Acid by transporting oxygen rich blood and nutrients into the muscle and tissue.

  • The improvement of the condition of the muscle tissue will reduce pain, muscle stiffness and fatigue, while increasing flexibility and range of movement to potentially reduce further likelihood of injury.

  • Sports Massage can help to stretch muscle fibres, and as excess tension is relieved in tight muscles, the opposing muscles are stimulated, giving improved balance between muscle groups and greater postural awareness will develop


  • Reduces scar tissue.  Scar tissue can build up from previous injuries or trauma.  This can affect muscles, tendons and ligaments as the muscle tissue can be prone to future injury.

  • Promotes relaxation, wellness and reduces anxiety.  Heart and breathing rates slow, blood pressure lowers, decreases Cortisol (our stress hormone), Serotonin levels increase (our happy hormone) our Endorphin levels increase and muscles relax.

  • Can boost immunity levels. With the decrease in cortisol our immune cells become less compromised.  The additional white blood cells can help ward off illness.

  • Can improve sleeping patterns.  As the Cortisol levels have reduced and Serotonin levels increased this can promote a more restful night’s sleep.

  • A general improvement in energy levels from the increased Mitochondria development in the cells, improved function and performance.  Can help to restore physical and mental wellbeing for optimum performance and productivity.